D-del36; CCSN04-191-Dd Necropsy Report (Courtesy of Cape Cod Stranding Network (CCSN))

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Necropsy Report
Primary Prosector/Author: 
Andrea Bogomolni
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Necropsy Summary – Differential Diagnosis From Gross Exam: This animal was euthanized due to its poor health at the time of stranding. The collapsed left lung could explain the “listing to one side” and “guttural roaring sound” observed premortem. It is not clear whether the nodules/parasites found in the lung contributed to the condition of the lung, as only one was collapsed and nodules were found in both. The emphysematous tissue and yellow mucus in the lung provide evidence for some type of respiratory infection. The severe load of parasites in the pterygoid sinuses could also contribute to the behaviors noted as could the lesion found in the brain. Final diagnosis pending upon histological results and parasite I.D.

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