What is a Maximum/Minimum Intensity Projection (MIP/MinIP)?


"Maximum intensity projection (MIP) and minimum intensity projection (MinIP) are volume-rendering techniques in which suitable editing methods are used to define the volume of interest (VOI). All of the CT image data set may be used, or the volume may be confined to a region of interest (ROI). In the most difficult case, only selected organ systems are included or excluded from VOI. The actual images are generated by projecting the volume of interest into a viewing plane and displaying the maximum CT numbers (for MIP) or the minimum CT numbers (for MinIP) that are encountered along the direction of the projection, called the viewing angle. Both techniques ensure that optimum contrast is produced between small, high-contrast structures and surrounding tissues." (Prokop and Galanski, 2003)

2003 Prokop, M., and M. Galanski. Spiral and Multislice Computed Tomography of the Body, A. J. van der Molen, and C. M. Schaefer-Prokop (eds.), Thieme, New York, pp. 1-1090.