Imaging procedures for stranded marine mammals

TitleImaging procedures for stranded marine mammals
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsKetten, D. R., and E. W. Montie
Series TitleWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution Technical Publication
Date Published02/2008
InstitutionWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution
CityWoods Hole
TypeTechnical Report
Report NumberWHOI-2008-02
Keywordsct, dolphin ct scan, dolphin mri scan, dolphin stranding, marine mammal, medical imaging, MRI, radiology, stranded marine mammals

This section provides an introduction to biomedical imaging techniques and guidelines for diagnostic imaging of marine mammals to assist with both live examination and necropsy procedures. The procedures described are based on imaging equipment and techniques that are relatively common in human and veterinary facilities and to provide the majority of stranding response groups with the most likely options that will assist their efforts. The imaging techniques described include basic radiography, computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and are applicable to both live and post-mortem cases. Special emphasis has been placed on whole body, airway, head and ear imaging procedures. Sub-sections cover basic information on the basic principles and appropriate applications for radiography vs. CT vs. MRI, handling and preparation of live and dead animals in clinical settings, and image and data formats that may be encountered. The protocols are also listed in outline form in order to provide a rapid overview. The introductory discussion of principles behind techniques is not required to employ the protocols but does provide additional information that can aid in deciding which techniques are most efficacious and what the limitations are for interpretation of imaging data. Examples of some pathology imaged with these procedures are also provided.