A Manual for the Removal, Fixation and Preservation of Cetacean Ears

TitleA Manual for the Removal, Fixation and Preservation of Cetacean Ears
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsKetten, D. R., S. R. Cramer, and J. J. Arruda
Date Published01/2007
InstitutionWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution
CityWoods Hole
TypeTechnical Report
Keywordsauditory bulla, auditory system, cetacean ear removal, cochlea, ear extraction, ear fixation, ear preservation, hearing, inner ear, marine mammal ear, mysticete ear removal, odontocete ear removal, ossicles, oval window, peribullar tissue, round window, temporal bones, vestibular system
AbstractThis chapter is intended as an instructional guide for the removal, fixation and preservation of auditory system tissues of marine mammals. Each section describes procedures for a major ear type for marine mammals. The main intention is to provide both inexperienced and seasoned stranding responders with sufficient instructions to locate, document and remove all structures related to the ears and hearing in order to optimize the fixation and preservation of these tissues for later, more extensive examination. It is strongly recommended that examination be performed collaboratively with auditory system experts, but careful documentation and preservation are the critical first steps that will allow accurate diagnoses.